Splashback Heat Recovery System

Our Splashback Absorber Panel (SAP) Heat Recovery System (HRS) recycles wasted heat from industrial kitchens, enabling cost reduction of up to 60% in targeted energy costs for clients.

In a nutshell, the system absorbs wasted heat created by the cooking process and uses this heat to provide the premises with free, hot water and space heating/cooling.

The HRS was initially trialled in a Nando’s restaurant and has since been rolled out across sites in the UK and Ireland.

The system helps meet clients’ environmental obligations, recycling what would otherwise be wasted heat and saving them a lot of money along the way.

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What’s the big deal?

Energy usage is one of the largest costs to a hospitality business. Take commercial restaurants, for example, where food is prepared and heated from refrigerated temperatures relatively quickly.

This creates a lot of waste heat, odours, grease, oil and steam during the cooking process. In order to maintain a pleasant restaurant environment, the heat is extracted from the kitchen to the outside of the restaurant, along with odours, grease, oil and steam.

This waste heat is not normally utilised, but it is using our system which recovers the heat leaving the building while still allowing the odours and steam to be removed from the kitchen. The recovered heat can effectively reduce the hot water, space heating and cooling energy requirements, reducing the overall operational costs of a venue, decreasing the environmental impact and increasing the green credentials of the business.

As engineers dealing with such issues everyday, it led us to wonder:

Is there an energy source that can be exploited to achieve this cost effectively?

And the answer was a definite YES. At Dext Heat Recovery we have created an innovative heat recovery system which recovers the waste heat generated by the cooking process and utilises it to meet the hot water demand of the restaurant

The method

Using a SAP installed close to the main, high temperature heat source within the kitchen, either directly behind a chargrill or cooker, or within a canopy, heat is absorbed by the panel and transferred into a sealed water circuit. It is then circulated through a coil in our buffer cylinder for hot water generation.

When water is drawn off from the hot water cylinder it is now supplied by water from the buffer cylinder which will be considerably hotter than mains cold, providing substantial energy savings for the end user.

It makes perfect sense when you think about it:

· A conventional hot water system stores water at approximately 60 -70°C

· Mains cold water enters a building at approximately 10°C

· This water needs to be heated from 10°C to 60°C

· A large amount of energy is needed to enter the water to increase its temperature.

· Establishments must be hygienic and therefore require a lot of hot water.

All of this energy costs money

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