We periodically put our creative juices into things outside of the realm of heat recovery.

Our latest ‘non-heat-recovery’ project has been to develop a drink dispenser for Rubro, an iced tea drink based on Rooibos (Red Bush) Tea.

We were approached in the summer of 2017 and asked if we could cool down fruit juice. “No problem” we replied. This task then turned into mixing ice tea concentrate into a holding vessel, and cooling it as it was dispensed.

From putting together a rudimentary prototype and delivering an initial proof of concept video, we were then employed to design and deliver a working unit that could be installed into live sites, with automatic filling, and automatic cleaning cycles with minimal operator interaction.

After over a year of development and struggles of sourcing the optimum componentry we currently have trial units in restaurants around the UK and are working towards final production units and all the independent testing and accreditation that it entails.