You only really understand an industry when you’ve been fully immersed in it and that is certainly the case for the team here at Dext.

Before Dext was set up in 2009, we were working as mechanical engineers, in various disciplines; jobs which meant we were often in businesses carrying out installation work, namely in commercial kitchen environments.

While visiting one particular client, we noticed they had an ongoing operational issue, where excessive heat within the kitchen was causing decorative and structural damage.

We suggested a solution that would capture and utilise this wasted heat, while at the same time providing a durable and attractive splash back for the food cooking area.

Using our shared knowledge and experience, we re-engineered an existing heat exchanger into a purpose-built panel in order to absorb this heat and redistribute where it could be made useful. The invention proved a huge success, capturing heat and protecting the materials which were previously being damaged.

It was the ontogenetic design we needed to embark on our own journey to date, and Dext Heat Recovery was born.

We made it our mission to develop innovative systems that can offer energy savings to clients who have, historically, struggled to utilise conventional heat recovery, tailoring each one to the client’s needs

We thrive on tricky yet interesting engineering challenges, some of which are outside the heat recovery arena, and enjoy troubleshooting ongoing issues that many businesses don’t have the technical resources to solve.

Teamwork is a vital component in our projects, each one of us playing a passionate part in creating a truly unique solution for our clients.