Nando’s, Stratford Upon Avon

Founded in 1987, Nando’s now operates more than 1,000 outlets in 30 countries, specialising in Portuguese style chicken dishes and peri-peri marinades.

The challenge

Having worked on the refit of a number of new and existing Nando’s branches, we were contacted at the planning stage of the Stratford Upon Avon site to ensure it would be able to generate enough hot water, even at its busiest times.

The solution

We designed and installed a Splashback Absorber Panel (SAP) Heat Recovery Systems (HRS) specifically designed to recover wasted heat from high grade sources such as the Nando’s chargrills.

This is turn generates hot water for the site, with a significant amount remaining which can be tapped into using a heat exchanger. The stainless steel heat exchanger was finished in black/gun metal to ensure it complements the rest of the décor at the site.

We also installed a 300 litre indirect hot water cylinder, pump station and associated equipment and cylinder spill tube with an inbuilt water leak alarm to ensure no wastage was occurring.

The result

Not only does the equipment installed generate adequate supplies of hot water for the site, it has also resulted in significant energy savings of 822 kilowatts in a two-week period.

Solutions provided:

Design, Install and set to work Heat Recovery System
Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger finished in Black/Gun Metal
300 Litre indirect hot water cylinder
Pump Station and associated equipment
Cylinder spill tube with in build water leak alarm