The Bull at Bracknell

After closing for an extensive refurbishment, The Bull at Bracknell opened its doors as a totally transformed pub.

The challenge

The refurbishment at the Young’s Brewery owned venue was managed by National Facilities Management who wanted to ensure the venue had adequate hot water to meet demand. It also wanted to be sure this was as cost effective a solution as possible.

The solution

Dext designed and installed two of its Splashback Absorber Panel (SAP) Heat Recovery Systems (HRS), specifically designed to recover wasted heat from high grade sources such as cooking equipment.

Neil Bracewell, of Dext Heat Recovery, said: “The systems enable the pub to transfer heat from cooking equipment including a four-burner cooker, hot plates, fryers and solid top by absorbing wasted heat created by the cooking process and using it to provide the premises with free, hot water and space heating/cooling.”

We set The Bull up with a remote monitoring system, which would enable them to keep a close eye on energy being used and ensuring they were getting maximum output from the systems in place. We also installed a cylinder spill tube with an inbuilt water leak alarm which would quickly alert them to any water leakage and enable quick resolution to any issues.

The result

The bespoke heat recovery systems not only served its purpose in generating The Bull’s hot water, there was also a significant amount of heat remaining for them to access using Dext’s heat exchangers.

Solution provided:

• Design and installation of two Heat Recovery Systems
• Installation of stainless steel heat exchanger, finished in a water jet look
• Installation of 300 Litre indirect hot water cylinder
• Installation of pump station and associated equipment
• Remote monitoring system
• Cylinder spill tube with in build water leak alarm